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Why Black Friday is the best time to buy drones

If you’re looking to buy a drone, whether it’s an upgrade, a gift or the start of a brand new hobby, then our advice is to wait the short time until Black Friday to get the best possible deal on your flying gadget.

If you want a new drone now, you might be wondering why you should wait another two weeks when you could just go to the shop or purchase one online now. Well, the reason is because you could save a substantial amount of money on a model you have been looking at, or with the same money you were going to spend, buy a far superior drone at a discount.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday deals, where stores cut their prices on certain products, started in the US as a way to mark Thanksgiving, although it has now been transferred to Europe, where consumers ‘load up’ on items in the run up to Christmas. The most commonly purchased items on Black Friday tend to be electrical products, as these benefit from the best discounts – hence why you’ll often see people queuing for hours to get cheap televisions, or reduced price laptops.

This year, drone prices could be slashed, as the technology goes more and more mainstream.

What happens if I miss out on Black Friday?

Even if you miss out on a Black Friday deal, many discounts are continued over the weekend, with sometimes even bigger deals occurring on the Monday, now known in the retail trade as Cyber Monday. This is the day where tech products are often most heavily discounted, especially with online retailers such as Amazon. For some retailers, this is translated into an entire week, known as Cyber Week.

Black Friday drone deals

As drones reach a higher level of popularity and manufacturers release ever more varieties of quad-copters and hobby drones, this means that this year we are likely to see the best selection of discounted drones in comparison to any previous Black Friday.

As you can see Black Friday, or indeed Cyber Monday, may well be the best time to get your new drone for a lower price. Better still, you may even be able to afford a superior product as a result of the discounts.

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