Does DJI have competition? Meet the Autel X-Star Premium

Once again, Autel has released a drone that puts consumer first. Here are four points why you should consider the X-Start Premium over its pricier competitors.

1. Camera drone and a flying beast in one

Drone enthusiasts agree that the X-Star Premium at $799 is a high performing camera drone. With 4K Ultra HD and a 108 degree field view, this drone delivers 12 megapixel photos. It has an integrated gimbal and delivers an HD live stream up to 1.2 miles away. This makes it difficult to argue that there are better consumer-grade drones in terms of picture quality out there. What is even more exciting about the X-Star is that you can easily remove the camera. Doing so will result in an even lighter drone that can fly a maximum of 36 mph for longer durations.

2. Consumer first

As technology advances and better cameras hit the market, this drone will allow you to upgrade DIY style. What makes the X-Star Premium stand out among its peers is that you can remove the gimbal at the push of a button and upgrade at minimum cost. Another factor that shows Autel’s commitment to being consumer friendly is its shiny orange body. This allows you to keep your drone in eyesight regardless of weather conditions. Makes pilot and FAA equally happy.

Removing gimbal on X-Star








3. You don’t need a smartphone to fly!

Folks with older smartphones, this one’s for you. You don’t need a smartphone to safely navigate the X-Star. It comes with a controller that has all important commands such as “go home” and “pause motors” at the touch of a button. The transmitter even has a screen that shows critical flight data such as range, altitude and battery. This definitely adds extra points to X-Star’s safety features. So if your smartphone battery tends to give up unexpectedly, your drone will still make it back safely.

X-Star transmitter

4. Practical smart modes for more filming fun

Another reason to believe that Autel’s X-Star Pemium was designed with the consumer in mind are its practical smart modes such “follow me” and “orbit me”. These allow you to concentrate on shooting footage instead of constantly trying to control the drone’s positioning in air.

At $799, Autel’s X-Star Premium might be your match if you are looking for a budget friendly high performing camera drone. Other products in the same range include DJI’s Phantom 4 at $989 and Yuneec’s Typhoon H at $998.

Here is another video showing exactly what to expect when you receive the box. Fly safe!

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