What Drone to Buy $50.00 – $99.99

At this price range you’d think that you’d still be in ‘beginners’ territory’ but don’t forget, these drones are only now under $100.00 because they have been heavily discounted. If you’re looking to pay starter drone prices, but get upgrade vale, then this is a great place to start.

In this price range you might be surprised to find drones with real-time transmission, which means you get to see what your drone sees with a screen attached to the controller. You can also expect to find a 720p camera with up to 2mp resolution, so you’re already looking at video and picture quality of a great standard.

Once more we’ve got a great option of three heavily discounted drones to suit all tastes and needs:

 DBPOWER FPV RC Drone with HD 720P Wifi Camera       Was $156.98 Now $99.99   SAVE $56.90 DBPOWER FPV RC Drone with HD 720P Wifi Camera

DBPower have a great name in quadcopter circles, excuse the pun! It is surprising to see such a popular model heavily discounted, and we reckon this will be a short-term deal, so move quickly if it grabs your fancy.

This offers First Person View (FPV) capability if you also want to invest in a headset to double the enjoyment. Of course you can just use your Android phone instead to have images sent direct to it instead. The 720p camera with 1mp resolution is a great entry-level set up for videos and photographs and you’ll be surprised at the quality of the images – we certainly were! We loved the headless mode which allows you to adjust the flight of the drone by tilting the handset, while for beginners there is a 4 control modes which will increase speed and agility.


Air Hogs Star Wars RC Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad   Was $109.99 Now $69.99   Save $40.00  Air Hogs Star Wars RC Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad

This quadcopter made us smile, and not because we’re all Star Wars fans. We just loved this quirky and unusual quadcopter which breaks the stereotypical look of so many quads out there in the marketplace.

Despite its size, they reckon that this is suitable for 8 years plus, which is an added bonus. You also have the option of charging this drone from the handset, or with a USB cable. The beauty of this is you can charge it while you’re out an about, rather than having to be near a main power source all the time.

Surprisingly, this quadcopter has a range of up to 200 feet and the best part, well just watch what happens when you activate the hyper-drive facility with just the push of a button on the remote. Add all this to great reviews from those who have bought this unusual drone, you can expect to have loads of fun with this drone.

 Dynamic Aerial Systems X4 Spartan  Was $99.95 Now $59.97   Save $39.98 DBPOWER FPV RC Drone with HD 720P Wifi Camera

|If you want a ‘flashy’ drone then this is just the business. The large LED colored lights on this drone will have you itching for the sun to go down as it looks spectacular when flown in the dark.  This drone has everything you need, and a whole load more features.

The HD camera has a 4GB micro SD slot and the 6-axis gyro not only gives you extra stability for your videos and photos, but allows for forward, backward and sideways flight. Headless mode gives you the ability to alter the flight by tilting your controller, while there is also an emergency return-to-home button. Our favourite feature is the fact this drone will do 360-degree eversion flips where it seems to turn inside out!

With a 10-minmute flight time, this drone ticks all the boxes, including the one it comes in!

Our recommendation – The Dynamic Aerial System X4 Spartan is difficult to ignore at this current price when you see what it can do as well as the way it looks at night.

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