Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone

And about time too! We have been itching to get our hands on a racing drone to find out what all the fuss is about, and we weren’t disappointed. This is where you need to have honed your skills on a less expensive drone, fine-tuned your reaction speed, and feel ready to take your life in your hands. We have all become so used to the stable and sensible drones from DJI and Parrott, so trying out something that is both immensely fast and very responsive is a whole new game.

Quadcopters - drone reviews, drone newsThe Eachine 250 FPV (First Person View) racer is an entry-level racing quadcopter at just under $150.00. However, take note, as there is a difference between an entry-level drone and an entry-level racing drone. This is not a drone for beginners and the manufacturers advise it is not suitable for anyone under 14 years of age. Once you try it out for the first time you will very quickly understand why. And you won’t have to wait long to try it out once you open the box as it is virtually ready to fly.

The first thing you will notice is the Eachine Racer 250’s almost ‘Meccano-like’ build, for those of you old enough to remember the construction kits from Meccano, the staple diet of any budding young engineer. There is method in the madness though as this is a ‘rough and tough’ drone which is built to last and survive accidents, not boost the sales of spare parts. That being said, one of the most common comments found on the ‘net is to stock up on spare rotor blades and rotor arms. What you have to remember with this drone is that accidents are likely to happen at high speeds, so to counteract this the manufacturers have built the body out of carbon fiber, giving it both immense strength while also keeping the weight down.

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Quadcopters.com - drone reviews, buy drones onlineFurther research on the net, though one suspects with the help of a bit of a tail wind, reveals a top speed in excess of 90mph, with a more realistic average of around 75mph which is plenty fast enough when you consider that drone racing is not the same as drag racing and follows a circuit. Note that an outdoors racing circuit usually involves trees, whereupon we remind you of the contents of the previous paragraph!

Of course we can’t stop without mentioning FPV – an essential element of the racing drone. The model we have chosen includes a 7” 32CH monitor though you have the option of purchasing an FPV headset. In drone racing, because of a lack of ability to gauge depth of field at a distance, you have to fly it by what you see on the screen, which if you are good at video games, could give you a head start against the competition. And to get an even better idea of what fun you can have drone racing:

Features include:

Main wing length: 140mm

Size: 220x233x50

Weight: 400g (without battery)

Headlight LED: white 3W

Camera: 1000TVL, support for HD night, camera angle is adjustable

Transmitter: 600mw 5.8G 32CH built in OSD

Receiver: integrated 6 channel (not included)

Remote control: 2.4G 6 channel (not included)

Flight time: 10-14 mins

Real-time image transmission.

Automatic search frequency.

Snowflakes screen, built-in OSD (the flight voltage of battery, flight time, current channel).

Carbon fiber, super anti-fall structure.

Easy disassembly quick change propeller device.

Long distance remote control high sensitivity.

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Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone
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  1. Reply Avatar for quadcopters Delly July 8, 2016 at 8:43 am

    Eachine 250 looks ok,but I know another racing drone:Akaso F250a Racing drone,maybe Akaso F250a is more professional.

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