Great Drone Buys – Under $50.00

GoolRC T10
This is an interesting price range as you’d think that for under fifty bucks you wouldn’t be able to get anything of any substance, or a drone that did anything other than the very basics. You’d be very wrong, and you’d also be missing out on a great deal of bad-weather fun. Why? Because this price range is the territory of the mini drone and trust us, these little beauties are a bundle of fun, as well as being great for learning how to fly a drone.

Because of their light weight, these drones don’t carry a battery of any great power, but you can always buy a few spares and these aren’t really drones you spend hours flying. They are ‘always ready to fly’ and a drone you have a quick whizz around with to pass 20 minutes of time.

We’ve spotted three winners for you in this bracket:

 GoolRC T10    Was $39.00 Now $15.99   60% off

This little gem is function packed with headless flight and one-key return capability, you
doGoolRC T10 n’t have to fiddle around adjusting the drone’s position before you fly, while the one key return is ideal if you find you’re losing control and want to avoid an accident.

It has two speed modes, can do 3-D flips and remarkably even has a stabilizing 6-axis gyro, while you also have the option of attaching a rotor blade protector – ideal for when you are first starting out.

 Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone   Was $59.99 Now $30.88   49% off

This isn’t so much a quadcopter but a twin blade ‘copter drone, and it’s unusual styling we think makes this one which stands out from the crowd. Better still, this is one of the cheapest camera drones doing, an aAir Hogs Altitude Video Droneddition you wouldn’t expect to find under fifty
bucks, let alone for $30.88. This is a steal for sure.

This is a great starter drone for kids as it is designed solely for indoor use, and is also a great way to introduce hi-tech wizards that most kids these days are to drone video footage.

We also liked the fact that this drone uses standard AAA batteries, so you don’t have to spent time hanging around for a recharge all the time.


EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter  Great Price Only $23.99

We did a double-take when we saw the price of this EACHINE drone – a manufacturer with a great reputation across the board for drones. This may be small, but as they say, great things come in small packages, and how cool is it to be able to just pop your drone in your pocket when you’ve finished flying with it. EACHINE E10

This model comes with a built-in positioning system and offers headless capability. In simple terms, if you want to change the flight direction, just tilt the controller. Add 3-D rolling effects and a one key return to base function and this is a great little package.

Flight time’s also good at around 5 minutes, so this is a real ‘boy’s toy’. No discount on the price, but hey, at $23.99, you shouldn’t expect one – this is a great buy at the price it is at right now.

Our Recommendation – the EACHINE E10 at this price is a steal when that price includes delivery to your door.

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