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MJX X102h Quadcopter with Camera Mounts – fun quadcopter at a sensible price

There is always a temptation when looking at drones to review to concentrate on the fancy and more expensive ones which come with more-exciting features. However, drone flying isn’t an exclusive sport, and we definitely consider it to be a sport, particularly with the advent of drone racing. Whichever sport we take, up rarely does anyone start with top-of-the-range equipment and this certainly applies to drones and quadcopters.

What is important though, when entering into the world of drone flying is you start with something which introduces you to the potential of the sport rather than one which leaves you scratching your head, wondering what all the fuss has been about. In addition, there are two aspects to drone flying. The first is the fun you have as a pilot of this unmanned aerial vehicle, while the second is an introduction to the wonderful world of aerial photography.


Here at Quadcopters.com we think we have found an excellent entry-level drone that comes in at just under the $100 mark which ticks all the boxes were flying is concerned, and although it does not come equipped with a camera, it is equipped with a camera mount suitable for gopro/xiaoyi/sj cameras. To us this seems like quite a sensible move as you know that all the money that has been spent has been channelled towards a drone that is capable of providing great fun when you launch it into the skies.

Quadcopters.com - drone reviews, quadcopter reviews, buy drones onlineThe MJX X102h Quadcopter with Camera Mounts is certainly powerful enough to handle the additional 80 or so grams weight of a camera so it is clear that a lot of thought has gone in to its design. We are also quite taken with the smooth and sleek lines of this particular quadcopter. It is remarkable how many different designs there are for an aircraft with four propellers, and the most noticeable difference with this particular model is the fact that the propellers are located underneath, as opposed to on top of the rotor arms.

The MJX X101 X-Series has proved to be popular, so this upgrade should certainly see some useful improvements without there being a penalty to pay on price. As an example, an integrated barometric air pressure sensor enables this particular drone to maintain its flight altitude at a stable level so that you only have to concentrate on the actual direction of the flight. We reckon this is particularly useful where you want to use a quadcopter for aerial filming.

We also like the fact that this particular drone offers a headless flight mode. This basically means that the drone doesn’t have to rotate to change direction. Add a one-key return to home function that works without a GPS, dual flight speeds, hundred metres of control distance and 10 to 12 minutes of flying time, and this drone has all you need to get you started.

Overall, we were impressed with the quality of build, ease of setup and controllability of this drone. For beginners, this doesn’t have the feel of a cheap-and-cheerful drone and doesn’t fly like one either. We’re pretty convinced that anyone who starts off with the MJX X102H is very likely to become hooked on drone flying.


  • Suitable for GoPro and alike cameras;
  • Can be upgraded with MJX C4015, C4016 or C4018 cameras;
  • Altitude hold with precise hovering;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home (RTH without GPS);
  • One key take off and landing;
  • Dual flight speed modes (Low and High);
  • About 11 minutes of play time;
  • Up to 100 meters control distance.


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MJX X102h Quadcopter with Camera Mounts – fun quadcopter at a sensible price
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