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Quadcopters.com Newsletter June 2016

Welcome to June’s newsletter form Quadcopters.com. As you will discover when you read on, there is much we will be discussing this month both with regard to what is in the news as well as providing a few more of our trusted reviews.

We have covered a wide variety of topics this month, from discussing the legal aspects of flying drones where law enforcement agencies are concerned, through the potential use of drones for submarines, to a new accessory for the DJI Inspire 3 and 4.

Quadcopters - drone news, drone stories, drone lawsWe have gone back to the early days of the American Constitution to try and ascertain what rights the police and other law enforcement agencies have with regard to use of drones without a warrant. It is such a hot topic of debate and such a gray area that even the state legislation is leaving it alone and looking to the Supreme Court to make a definitive decision. We won’t be holding our breath knowing how long it can take for such matters to become legislation. Read More…..


Quadcopters - drone news, drone stories, drone researchWe then came across a fascinating article from John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland. While everyone is trying to work out what drones can achieve in the air, here we have a drone which has been created to withstand being submerged for months on end before being launched from under the water. The potential for covert espionage and use in submarines is the stuff of James Bond movies, but it is encouraging to see that the advancements in commercial drones are helping in the more serious of drone use. Read More…..

Quadcopters.com - drone news, drone reviewsNext on the list comes a project which was successfully funded on Kickstarter and which, in time should see a revolutionary, yet very practical accessory for drones come to the market across the board. At present funding has been achieved to go into production for what is called the WaterStrider, a set of four hollow ‘feet’ which attach to the DJI Inspire 3 and 4 to allow it to land on water, or on rugged and uneven terrain. For anyone who lives near the sea or a lake, this is almost a ‘must have’ item if you want to avoid seeing your beloved drone disappearing into the murky depths of a watery grave. We like ideas like the WaterStrider as they aren’t a ‘luxury’ accessory but something that adds to what is missing from drones for those of us who are more accident prone than others. Read More…..


When it comes to this month’s reviews, we have gone across the board as we will hope to do each month. We want our reviews to help everyone, from the novice pilot through to drone racers and photography fanatics.

Quadcopters.com - buy drones online, drone reviews, drones for beginnersOur ‘entry level’ drone this month is the surprisingly agile and manoeuvrable Holy Stone F181 which is a good example of this popular brand’s offerings. For the price it surprised us and it made us realise that the whole drone industry owes a lot to such aircraft. This is the type of drone which will get you hooked on drone flying, and once the piggy bank ids full, will see you wanting to upgrade to a new level of experience. Read more…..


Quadcopters - drone reviews, drone newsThe Eachine Racer 250 FPV is our first look at a racing drone, and would seem to be the one that most aspiring drone racers cut their teeth on. This is a no-frills trach it, bash it, crash it carbon fiber skeleton that is most definitely built for speed, not looks, though with a dazzling array of headlights and other LEDs the word ‘flashy’ almost takes on a whole new meaning. This is flying a drone by the seat of your pants, where you will need lightning-fast reactions and a strong nerve, but for a thrill-a-minute joyride, this is a definite ‘must’. Read More…..


Quadcopters.com - buy drones online, drone news, drone reviewsWe then spoiled ourselves by testing out the 3DR Solo, and for us it was most definitely a case of love at first sight. We added the 3-axel gimbal and a GoPro HERO4 to complete the set up, and then we let it weave its magic. We were stunned at just how clear and smooth the streamed and recorded images were, both in HD and of the very highest quality. To say we were impressed is an understatement. Read more…..



Quadcopters.com is the place to come if you are not just interested in drones, but enjoy buying drones online. We are able to provide access to some of the best prices available and only from highly reputable sources.

However, the website is also a complete platform for all things drone- and quadcopter-related. It is a website built by drone fanatics for todays’ hobby and professional drone pilots. We value yo9ur opinions and that is why we have now opened up all our articles and reviews to readers’ comments. We want to hear your voice as you are the pulse of the drone industry.

We want to hear your opinions and also your feedback on drones you currently fly, or have flown in the past, as the more comments we get, the better the suite becomes for everyone around. We believe strongly in a sense of community spirit, and we want you to be part of that community.

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