Why Have Robins For Christmas When You Can Have Parrots Instead?

Parrot Mambo Drone
Parrot Mambo Drone Review

If you’re looking for an entry level drug to the addictive world of drones, could a flying BB gun be the one?

A drone that takes off from your desk and fires stuff at people is bound to appeal to the kid in anyone, and the Parrot Mambo does exactly that. It’ll also hold small stuff, allegedly, in a Lego style hot-shoe for attaching the cannon or grabber, but that functionality is a little hit and miss.

But a drone stands and falls on how it handles in the air and the Parrot Mambo is great, but only if you invest an extra $70 for the joystick controlled Flight Pad. Otherwise you fly by app and that’s tricky to do as holding your finger in the right place on the screen while sighting the Mambo isn’t the most intuitive thing. However, launching couldn’t be easier – you can literally just throw the Parrot in the air and then watch it hover while it waits for instructions.

Range is not outstanding at 20m when app controlled, but 60m with the Flight Pad is more capable. Remove the buffers and take it outdoors and the Mambo shows good wind resistance and is manoeuvrable enough to run through some pretty cool pre-programmed tricks and flips. It’s a robust little bit of kit that isn’t going to crash in a hurry.

The camera is downward facing, low resolution and isn’t used for navigation, which is by line of sight only.

But the big selling point of the Mambo is that cannon, which fires six spring loaded pellets which you will never, ever find again. If that’s your reason for buying the Mambo then get more off the bat. If you just want to fly stuff around, get the Parrot Airborne Cargo instead.

Bottom line? This could be a great entry-level drone but not at this price point.

Why Have Robins For Christmas When You Can Have Parrots Instead?
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