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‘Follow’ is not an unusual feature to find on a drone these days and as technology improves so it is becoming more available on lower-priced models. Other than problems with the actual following feature working properly, one of the more frustrating things has been the fact that to be followed you either have to strap a tablet or smart phone to your body, or you have to have one of the more expensive features where the drone will lock onto you with its camera and subsequently use sensors to follow you.

Quadcopter reviews, drone reviews, drone newsAt around $650 the FLYPRO XEagle FPV with 4K HD Camera seems to have targeted these two principal problems, while adding an extra and extremely useful feature which is voice activation control. Having doubtless cut your teeth on a drone costing between $50 and $100, the price of this drone certainly fits comfortably into the next-step-up market. Once you get to this level of drone the word toy tends to disappear from the vocabulary, being replaced instead with a phrase such as “a serious piece of kit”. With a gimbal tracking, 4K ultra-HD imagery, impressive takeoff, landing, follow, circle and return one touch features this is a drone you can really enjoy taking photographs with.

The high-quality built-in high-precision pressure sensors mean that with the use of one button, you can get this drone to accurately folly you at speeds of up to 15 m/s with a 360° high-speed follow and record, together with an eight-way intelligence hand control knob to adjust the drone’s orientation. And the voice module for fast responses and accurate identification of a voice controls and you really do have the next best thing to a hands-free drone.

The makers of this drone have also put a lot of thought into safety. The low-voltage protection feature means your XWatch controller will start to vibrate and your FLYPRO XEagle will automatically return to base. Similarly, if for any reason the signal to your drone is lost, once again it will automatically return to base and land.

Where imagery is concerned the built-in gimbal constantly calculates the relative position of the drone and will adjust itself for the best angle between the drone a new so that when being used in follow mode, it will always keep the camera lens pointed directly at you. The camera itself is of superb quality, offering 12 megapixels and 4K HD video.

quadcopter reviews, drone reviews, drone news, flypro xeagleMore befitting of a commercial aircraft, the FLYPRO XEagle comes with a UAV black box – a flight data recorder which records important parameters which are then stored on the SD card. This information includes voltage, GPS information, flight attitude and the vibration coefficient for each flight. As for the ‘wristwatch’, the including flight height, radius distance, battery level XWatch displays important information such as flight height, distance radius, battery level and remaining flight time.

For a camera drone the FLYPRO XEagle seems to have slipped under the radar and is not one you will find a great deal has been written about. We suspect this isn’t because the drone is not good, but the company has failed miserably in their marketing of what is unlikely to disappoint anyone who buys it. We think the watch is not just a cool feature and gimmick, but is actually extremely functional, making it far more reliable than follow drones that rely on the combination of an app and camera to pinpoint you as the target to follow. One of the biggest problems with the follow feature of any drone that is not wirelessly connected to the target is the fact that invariably, if too great a distance is created between the two of you, the drone just stops following.

Main Features:

  • Weight (Including Battery And Propellers) 1270g
  • Max Dimension(Excluding Propellers) 290mm*290mm*180mm
  • Max Dimension(Including Propellers) 490mm*490mm*185mm
  • Diagonal Size 350mm
  • Max Follow Speed 15m/s
  • Max Flight Altitude 5000m
  • Max Flight Time About 22 mins
  • GPS Mode GPS/GLONASS Dual Mode
  • Lens Angle Horizontal: 105°
  • Working Modes Normal Recording, Normal Shoot, Time-lapse video, Delayed Shoot, 11 Burst
  • Video Recording Modes 2.8K@24fps
  • 5K@30fps
  • 1080P@60fps
  • 720P@120fps
  • Gimbal
  • Pitch Controllable Range -90° to +30°
  • Stabilization – Pitch and Roll
  • Smart Watch Max Control Distance 300m


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Have watch, will follow
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